All-on-4® Treatment

All-on-4® Dental Implants in Walnut Creek, Concord, East Bay

Smiling ManWe are now able to place dental implants in patients with severely resorbed jaws with out the need for bone grafting.

In the past, many patients have been told that they are not candidates for dental implants due to lack of bone in their upper jaw. This is no longer true. Graftless procedures are providing solutions to patients who need to replace all of their teeth and have severe bone loss, while eliminating the need for bone grafting with minimal surgical trauma and maximum oral function. We are proud to offer these services in our office.

“All-on-4®” is a treatment option for candidates who may have limited or poor bone quality, but still have adequate bone for dental implant placement . In this procedure, four individual implants are strategically placed to avoid the sinuses and areas of the jaw that are deficient in bone quantity or quality, while still allowing us to place the implants without the need for bone grafting but still providing anchorage and stability for a permanent fixed prosthesis.

For more information about dental implants or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Alijanian call our office at Walnut Creek Oral Surgery Office Phone Number 925-934-7888.

Photo of Zygomatic bonesIf there is severe maxillary jaw resorption, then zygomaticus implants will provide a solution for you. Rather than augmenting bone, this procedure allows us to place longer implants reaching into the “cheekbones”, where natural bone quality is often at its best. These implants are placed in conjunction with standard dental implants to provide the needed stability, resulting in a permanently fixed prosthesis that resembles your natural teeth and preserves your facial appearance.

Dr. Alijanian is one of the few surgeons in the Bay Area that performs this procedure routinely.

No one in their right mind looks forward to oral surgery.  Still you and your staff have made a scary, embarrassing and painful experience far better than I have ever thought it could be. Everyone has been up beat, without being phony.  The positive attitude of both you and your staff has been very helpful to me both pre and post operation.  The time spent explaining and re-explaining every detail put me at ease.  The care, compassion, sense of humor and commitment to creating a quality service exhibited by both you and your staff is very much appreciated.

Norm S.

Bob W.

Zygomatic Implants – Fixed Prosthesis 

I want to thank you for my new smile!  Also to tell you about the two Doctor’s my dentist referred me to in 2008. The first Doctor said he might be able to help, however he was reluctant to express too much optimism because of the lack of bone he had to work with. The second Doctor’s diagnosis was about the same although he wasn’t even willing to discuss any options.  So I figured I was stuck with my poly-grip for the rest of my life.

Then one day in late 2009 I thought I would give it one more try.  I don’t remember where I got your number, but I called and set up an appointment.  As soon as you saw the x-rays, I’ll never forget it, you said, “No problem”, and explained to me that you could put the posts in at an angle to give them more depth and strength to support the implant.  I was so excited!

I would also like to thank you for supplying me with the necessary information pamphlets and verbal indoctrination regarding how each step would proceed from month to month.  When you told me the time involved from start to finish was about one year I thought wow, that’s a long time, however as the different stages past, the time overall passed so quickly.

The best part was that I never went a minute without teeth, due to your clever coordination.  As one set of temporary teeth was removed for adjustments, there was always another to follow immediately, allowing me to eat everyday and that is a pretty high priority since I’m retired. (You’ll find out its Grandchildren and food!)  A couple of benefits that actually changed my life are; I don’t run out forgetting to glue my teeth in. I can again articulate my words saving embarrassment and the best is being able to order steak and eggs instead of an omelet.

Your office staff is the friendliest and most efficient I have ever worked with. It’s obvious you spend important time in hiring and training.

I’ll check in with you occasionally, thanks again and have a wonderful summer.

Bob W.

photo of patient before all on four dental implants BEFORE

photo of patient after all on four dental implantsAFTER

picture of patient before all on four dental implants BEFORE

picture of patient after all on four dental implantsAFTER

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for someone who has had bad experiences with the dentist in the past I didn't experience any pain and I was so happy with the results for years later my teeth are still amazing I can smile today with confidence and that has not always been my experience with dental work !

- Sara C

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Patient Testimonial

Stellar! Quick and efficient. I was super nervous when I came here and at ease when I left. Would recommend to anyone!

- Rose G

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Thank you for taking such good care or me.

- Mike G

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Patient Testimonial

Excellent customer care & service!! Highly recommend!!

- Kim N

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Patient Testimonial

Very professional explaining in detail each aspect of the implant procedure. Excellent care.

- Marinne S

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