Post-operative Food Recommendations For “ALL ON FOUR” procedures

Day One to week 3:


Following surgery, clear liquids are recommended. This includes 7-up, water, apple juice, grape juice, cold tea, or cold coffee. If the liquids are not upsetting your stomach you may begin to eat cold blended or puree foods such as Ensure, Jello, pudding, plain yogurt, ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies, or anything that can be blended and ingested by cup or spoon. NO SEEDS, NUTS or CHOCOLATE CHUNKS IN FOOD OR DRINKS.   Once the food is consumed, you may start taking the prescribed Motrin.

Food & Drinks to avoid for 48hours include alcohol, spicy foods, and acidic foods such as orange juice or lemonade.

Starting Week 3 (at your 2nd follow up appointment):

A soft food diet will be recommended beginning today.  Food consumed must be easy to smash with a fork. Examples of appropriate food are steamed vegetables, well-cooked pasta, mashed potatoes, Cream of Wheat, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and soft fish. You will continue this soft diet until you are ready for your permanent denture. Continue to take Motrin as prescribed.

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