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If you have undergone a surgical procedure with general anesthesia or IV sedation, you will be groggy and forgetful and will have impaired judgement. You should not operate any machinery or drive, and should have someone watch you for the first six hours after your treatment.


We recommend clear liquids at first after anesthesia, followed by soft foods like ice cream or yogurt during the first 24 hours if you feel hungry. Afterward, you can maintain a soft diet (which includes soups, eggs, mashed potatoes or soft meat) for two to three days before gradually progressing to solid foods. Avoid foods with nuts, rice and tiny particulates. Talk to your doctor if you are diabetic and have restrictive needs regarding insulin, to discuss your options about your diet.


Local anesthesia usually lasts for four to six hours for the upper surgery sites, and as much as 12 hours for the lower sites. Supplemental medication is usually necessary to manage pain afterward, and we recommend taking the prescribed 800mg of Motrin every eight hours for at least the first day. We suggest taking it with milk, a shake or a large amount of water to decrease the side effects of nausea. We can also prescribe Norco to help with comfort; however, Norco needs to be taken on a full stomach.


The medications you may take for pain may cause you to be nauseous. We recommend drinking clear liquids in small quantities until the symptoms resolve. However, medications should not be taken on an empty stomach. Contact our office if the nausea continues, so that we can prescribe other medication.


A low-grade fever is not uncommon after surgery, and is a sign of insufficient fluid intake. Drinking clear liquids will help you stay hydrated.


It is common for bruising to occur around the intravenous site where the needle for IV sedation is put in. If the arm is inflamed or tender, apply an ice pack for 30 minutes on and off until symptoms resolve. If bruising continues after the second day, contact our office for evaluation.

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Post-Op Instructions for General Anesthesia and IV Sedation

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