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Dr. Ali Alijanian offers bone grafting services in Walnut Creek, California, to help replace and reconstruct your jawbone in places where it has degenerated due to missing teeth. Once healed, this allows the patient to become a candidate for dental implants. Our oral surgeon can use different types of bone grafts, as well as graft substitutes, including:

  • Autogenous Bone Graft — Grafts made from your own bone harvested from another part of the body. This requires a secondary procedure for the harvesting of the bone.
  • Allogenic Bone Graft — A graft taken from a donor that serves as a framework for the surrounding bone to grow around.
  • Xenogeneic Bone Graft — A graft taken from the nonliving bone of an animal, usually a cow. The bone is processed at high temperatures to prevent the patient’s immune system rejecting it and acts as a framework for new bone to grow around.
  • Processed allogenic bone in the form of putty, gel, chips and/or powder that can be injected via a syringe.
  • Graft composites made of various materials that help promote natural bone growth.
  • Bone morphogenetic proteins that are naturally produced in the patient’s body and promote the natural formation of bone.

For more specific information about our bone grafting services in Walnut Creek, California, call 925-934-7888 to schedule a personal consultation!

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