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After your surgical procedure, you will have impaired judgement, and be tired and groggy. Have someone look after you for the first six hours after your treatment. Drink clear liquids in small increments following your surgery, since nausea is a usual side effect of the medications you will be taking. Do not use a straw. You may begin to take Motrin at this time to contain any swelling.

If you manage clear liquids well, you may go on to a soft diet, which includes things like ice cream and mashed potatoes. This soft diet is usually incremented the day after the surgery. Continue to take Motrin. Stay on the soft-food diet until your follow-up appointment. Avoid foods that are spicy, acidic, have small particulates like seeds or rice or are hard to chew (like chips, crackers or ice.)

We want to make sure your recovery goes well after your procedure at Ali Alijanian, DDS. Call our oral surgeon in Walnut Creek, California, at 925-934-7888 if you have any questions about your recovery.

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