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Day One:

water bottle
Clear liquids (do not use a straw) are recommended as soon as possible following surgery. This includes: 7-up, water, apple juice, grape juice, cold coffee or tea. If the patient handles clear liquids well, they may begin to eat soft foods such as: Jell-O, pudding, plain yogurt, ice cream, milk shakes and mashed potatoes. Motrin may be taken during this time.

Day Two — the day following surgery:

A soft food diet is recommended beginning the day after surgery. Steamed vegetables, well-cooked pasta, mashed potatoes and Cream of Wheat are suggested. Continue to take Motrin as prescribed to control swelling.

Food & Drinks to be avoided:

  • Spicy foods
  • Hard or chewy foods (such as chips, cracker, ice)
  • Acidic foods and drinks (such as orange juice and lemonade)
  • Food or drinks that have small particles (such as seeds and broccoli florets) — may get trapped in the sockets and cause irritation


The patient should remain on this soft food diet until they are seen for their follow up visit with our oral surgeon, Dr. Ali Alijanian. Call 925-934-7888 if you have any questions before then. Let us take care of your oral surgery needs in Walnut Creek, California.

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