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Removal of Impacted Wisdom Tooth

While most people develop 32 secondary teeth, many have jaws that are too small to accommodate the four extra wisdom teeth. Teeth are considered impacted when there is not enough room for them to erupt. Our oral surgeon can determine if your wisdom teeth are impacted during a consultation using a panoramic X-ray and decide whether they should be removed. Types of impactions include:

  • Soft Tissue Impaction: There is not enough room for the gum tissue to retract to allow proper cleaning of the tooth.
  • Partial bony impaction: The wisdom tooth has enough room to partially erupt but cannot function in the chewing process and creates cleaning problems.
  • Complete Bony Impaction: There is no space whatsoever for the tooth to erupt. It remains embedded in the jawbone and requires complex surgery to remove. The shape and size of your jawbone, facial structures and even the position of the tooth contribute to the complexity of the surgery.

Our oral surgeon will walk you through the process of your particular case and help you feel prepared for your individual procedure at Ali Alijanian, DDS. If you have any questions about your wisdom teeth removal in Walnut Creek, California, give us a call at 925-934-7888.

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