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Our oral surgeon and team offer distraction osteogenesis treatments for children in Walnut Creek, California. It is used to correct facial deformities in the skull and is a slow process that takes a matter of months. If you think your child may be in need of this treatment, call us at 925-934-7888 to schedule a special consultation with Dr. Ali Alijanian!

Sometimes, children’s skulls do not form properly, and this can cause many types of skeletal deformities that cause health problems. These problems can range from abnormal tooth growth, an undersized jaw, and tongue recession in the back of the mouth that leads to airway obstruction.

Distraction osteogenesis is a procedure that involves cutting a bone during surgery then attaching both ends with a distractor pull device. Then, the bone will slowly be pulled apart over a period of months, allowing the natural healing process to make the bone longer. While it may take more time than a single surgical procedure, the results are more long-lasting and reduce the amount of surgeries your child may need over time. Once the bone has achieved the proper length, the distractor pull is quickly removed.

Depending on which part of the skull that is being corrected, your child may be required to wear special headgear that holds the distractor pull in place. Children should eat soft foods during the duration until the distractor is removed. Once it has been, the bone should heal into its natural position, which takes one to two months.

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