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Summertime and the living’s easy” as the saying goes. School’s out, vacations are taken, and the sun is shining bright in the sky. Sounds like the perfect scenario, but when the temperature hits triple digits, it becomes a different story. We avoid going outdoors, we run the A/C 24/7 and the summer season we were highly anticipating all year long becomes a headache.

We’ve got you covered! Here are some tips to beat the heat this summer!


We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to stay hydrated, but we’re sure you already knew that! During the summer time, your body goes through a higher water loss due to perspiration so it is extra necessary for you to replenish that water. The consensus is that you should drink about 8-10 8oz glasses a day, however that amount can vary based on male or female, age, height and weight, a person’s activity level and even their geographic location.

Not a big fan of plain water? There are plenty of other healthy alternatives!

As mentioned in our last blog, you can always try using water enhancers to add some flavor to your drinks. Another popular plain-water alternative is fruit-infused water, aka spa water. Adding fresh fruit and herbs adds natural vitamins and minerals to water, which in turn increases its nutritional benefits. Additionally, spa water helps flush out toxins in your body and can help you achieve and retain a healthy weight.

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Coconut water also does the trick. Packed with potassium, simple sugar, electrolytes, and other minerals, it’s a great low-cal, low-carb alternative to soda and juices. Not only do the natural elements help you rehydrate, but it also helps lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce stress and muscle tension, and assists with weight loss and reducing cellulite. Talk about a win!

Want to learn more about hydration? Read this article from the Mayo Clinic!


Using your stove, oven or microwave can contribute to the heat traveling through your home. In an effort to avoid adding to the already warm temperature, why not try changing it up in the kitchen?

Salads are a great alternative. Not only do salad greens like spinach, kale, butter head and romaine help hydrate you, but there are also so many variations of salads, including the base (greens or grains), toppings and dressings. There are also cold pasta salads, fruit salads, egg salad, potato salad – you name it! And if you wanted to add a little bit of protein to your salad, opt for the great outdoors and grill some chicken, fish or steak to throw on top!

Not a salad eater? Sandwiches and wraps can be just as filling and also come in so many styles, shapes and forms. Sushi makes for a light refreshing dish, and you can’t go wrong with raw veggies or chips with a side of dip!


If you’re still feeling warm and need a little something extra to keep you cool, try a cold compress! The best thing to do is to identify your body’s best cooling points (neck, ankle, behind the knees, forehead, etc) and from there place a cool washcloth, ice pack or even a cold water bottle to the area. In doing this, you will not only cool down your blood’s temperature, but your body’s temperature as well.

If you’re exercising, try wearing a cold bandana around your neck, elbow or wrist – an easy way to stay cool while working on your fitness 🙂

Opt for loose-fitting, cotton or linen material clothing, especially in lighter colors. Wearing dark tight clothing, especially in material such as synthetic fibers will trap the heat and prevent natural cooling. Cotton fibers are breathable and lets air circulate, thus allowing body heat to disperse to the surface and sweat to evaporate.

This also applies to cotton bedding – keep cool with cotton sheets. For added coolness, place your sheet/pillow case in a baggy and put them in the freezer for a couple of hours. It might sound crazy, but try it! You won’t be disappointed!


Have a long to-do list that is just calling your name, but you’re dreading the thought of it because having to work in the heat sounds kind of terrible? Start your grind earlier and rise before the sun!

Come noon, the sun will be at its highest point, and the heat will continue to build (the hottest time of day is around 2 or 3). Depending on how hot your area can get, try to plan your day and maximize the few hours of coolness available to get what you need done. Whether it is chores, exercising or just spending some time outside, the mornings are a great time to capitalize on.